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Basic Gymnastics

5 - 8 years old & 8 - 14 years old

These classes are the first skills-based classes offered to our students. The students will learn basic skills on all of the competitive gymnastics events as well as trampoline. This class will improve most aspects of fitness as well. We follow USA Gymnastics Guidelines for all of our skill-based classes.  Students in this class will work on rolls, handstands, bridges, and cartwheels.

Basic Gymnastics: 5-8 y/o Class Times
Monday 4:00-4:55PM
Monday 4:15-5:10PM
Tuesday 5:00-5:55PM
Wednesday 1:45-2:40PM
Wednesday 5:30-6:25PM
Thursday 4:00-4:55PM
Friday 5:00-5:55PM
Saturday 10:00-10:55AM
Saturday 11:00-11:55AM


Basic Gymnastics: 8+ y/o Class Times 
Tuesday 6:00-6:55PM
Thursday 6:00-6:55PM
Friday 5:00-5:55PM

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