Xcel Team Program


TGA Xcel Team Program

Traditionally in the sport of gymnastics, athletes (and their parents/families) decide at a young age to dedicate their lives to this sport.  Practice hours for competitive gymnastics usually starts with about 12 hours per week and progresses up to 40 hours per week for the highest level gymnasts.  Several years ago a few states created a recreational competitive gymnastics program that allowed gymnasts to participate in the sport of gymnastics without dedicating their entire lives to the sport.  The intention was to find a way for girls to compete in gymnastics while allowing them to participate in other sports and/or activities.  These programs were so successful that USA Gymnastics started the XCEL Program.  

Although the Xcel Program is not as intense as the traditional USAG Level/JO Program, the benefits are many.  The sport itself requires TOTAL body strength, balance, flexibility, poise, and body awareness.  Being a part of a competitive team, encourages goal setting, sportsmanship, and teamwork.   

Most of the athletes enrolled in the TGA Xcel Program practice 6-9 hours per week (2-3 days). Our highest level gymnasts practice 12 hours per week (4 days). 



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