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Beginner Gymnastics

3 - 6 Years Old

This class will continue to work and improve all fitness-related components such as motor skills, flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, and body awareness. Gymnastics equipment will be utilized, and gymnastics terminology will be taught. This class is fairly structured, so your child will learn to follow directions. In order to prepare your child for our skill-based classes, this class will feature some basic gymnastics skills.

Beginner Gymnastics Class Times
Monday 1:30-2:25PM
Monday 5:30-6:25PM
Tuesday 10:00-10:55AM
Tuesday 4:00-4:55PM
Wednesday 4:30-5:25PM
Wednesday 6:00-6:55PM
Thursday 1:30-2:25PM
Thursday 5:00-5:55PM
Friday 4:00-4:55PM
Friday 5:30-5:25PM
Saturday 10:00-10:55AM
Saturday 11:00-11:55AM

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